The process of gait recognition includes the pedestrian detection, pedestrian segmentation, pedestrian recognition and pedestrian tracking, which are the four main research directions of computer vision. The proprietary algorithms developed by Watrix Technology have won numerous awards of international competitions.

  Gait is almost the only kind of biometrics that can be clearly imaged under remote and uncontrolled situations. Gait recognition is to identify a person's identity based on its body shape and posture. Even if a suspect wearing a facial mask or standing backwards to the camera can be identified. Our system can recognize objects within a distance up to 35-50 meters. The range can be extended to 100 meters when using High Definition digital camera. When compared to other biometric methods, gait recognition has the advantage of covering long distance, non-controlled scenarios.

  The gait recognition system developed by Watrix technology stems from its nearly 20 years’ experience of conducting top-notch research. Such system can be widely used for smart home, robotics, security and counter-terrorism, and other fields.


Smart robotics

Gait recognition can let personalized robotics happen with whole perspective identification to users.

Security and counter-terrorism

Gait recognition can be used to detect intrusion, give timely alarms and keep track of potential suspects.

Smart home

Gait recognition can provide more friendly interactive service with unique whole perspective.

Abnormal behavior detection

Abnormal crowd and suspicious behavior can be alerted ahead of time in airport or customs with gait attribute.

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